Irrationality (on Senkaku Islands)

September 24th, 2010 / 22:51.

Among the matters government tells you, you make up your beliefs according to your own benefits. When it tells you that some territory is your country’s, you never doubt. When it tells you that it has no corruption, you never believe. But is that the way to distinguish truth from garbage? How is the earlier proposition so different from the latter that you automatically accept one and deny another? They both come from a government that you may have always, cast a lot of doubt on. Isn’t it then, irrationality? Don’t come to a conclusion by your self-interest, or the so-called patriotism.

Why do you exert your anger on all people of a race? Is that all people of that race have sinned? The answer is too obvious. Isn’t it why people develop racism, which you might have faced in your own life? Why do you fail to distinguish criminals from that race, from all others of that race? Isn’t that just as disastrous as failing to distinguish the guilty and the innocent of your fellows? Would you say “fuck my race” if some people of your race have sinned? It’s all too painless to say that to another race, isn’t it? It’s again then, irrationality.

Well, I should really have used the word stupidity, rather than irrationality.

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